Midland Foal Syndicate 3

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the commissions and the management fees be?

There are no regular costs associated with the management of the horse but Intercontinental Bloodstock will receive a 5% commission based on the purchase price of the foals. This will cover his costs for the purchases and the monthly management until the yearlings are sent to the sales. Intercontinental Bloodstock will receive a 2% commission on the sale price of each yearling.* Our different consignors presenting the yearlings at the sales will take a 3% commission.*

*This is not included in the investment because it is paid after the sales and deducted from the proceeds of the sale.

How can I track the progress of my horse?

When we have an active pinhooking partnership, we regularly update our website to provide current information about the on-track performances of any relatives. This can have a tremendous impact on the desirability of the horse. If the horse has half or full siblings who are doing well on the track, the possibility of enhancing the sell price increases. Of course, we will regularly send you photos via e-mail, as well. Also, many of the partners visit the farm when they can, to check on their horse's progress, as well as accompany us to the sales throughout the year. Our partners are given the opportunity to participate as much or as little as they choose.

What is the minimum and maximum amount I can invest?

The minimum investment is based on the purchase price of the horse plus anticipated expenses. Normally, we buy weanlings between R 80,000 - R 200,000.

Expenses to prepare the horses for sale will be included in the initial capitalization of the partnership. If our estimated expenses should exceed the projected amounts, (but usually not) they will be deducted from the final sale proceeds.

The number of shares will be 40.

Consequently, the minimum investment is for one share (R 77,500) and with no limited numbers of shares per investor. However, with pinhooking partnerships you may purchase any proportional interest you desire as soon there are shares available.

This investment is for Accredited Investors Only!

We will be closing this partnership in April 2014. We will only purchase with money already invested. To facilitate planning and purchase please email us using the subject line ‘The Midlands Foal Syndicate Accredited Investor’ to make your investment prior to the conclusion of the offering.