Midlands Foal Syndicate 1

Introducing you to the "Midlands Foal Syndicate"

This is the opportunity for young horses to be purchased for the sole purpose of reselling at a later date. Pinhooking, as it relates to thoroughbred racehorses, means purchasing the horse for the specific purpose of a later resale. In this instance, our intention is to purchase the weanlings privately or at one of the major auction sales in South Africa or Australasia. The period of this market is between April, May or June. The horses will be maintained and conditioned at Spring Water Farm in South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal Midlands), then resold the following year in the late summer or earlier at one of the major yearling sales in South Africa.

All weanlings fitting our pedigree criteria are inspected at each sale and the team "short lists" the desirable horses.  These are inspected at least once more, before turning over the "shorter" list to our veterinarian who examines the foals for soundness of bone and wind.  X Rays are available as needed in the Sale Repositories, but other shots may be required. Endoscopic exams are performed on all weanlings prior to sale.

When the time comes the yearlings will be presented at the major sales, mainly the summer sales in Cape Town at the end of January or the National yearling sales at the end of April in Johannesburg while some of the yearlings for whatever reason would be better suit to the July sales in Durban or the Ready to Run sales in November.